We are truly all in this together. borders are bogus.

my personal opinion is that the actions of 'first world' countries throughout history have created the imbalances that we see across the world; the needs of migrants to find asylum and better opportunity are directly related to conditions that have been purposefully articulated against them, their resources, and their governments. The U.S. is complicit in so much of what is making so many people across latin america risk everything for the pursuit of something better.

"One comes to appreciate the reality that there can be no we and they in our lives, but only brothers and sisters all sacred and dignified."
- Martin Luther King, Jr.

this quote is referenced on the website of a non-profit called Annunciation House. i found AH while researching non-profits working in the U.S. and along the border to advocate for immigrant rights as well as providing resources and relief during these insane times. there are many orgs doing good work, and many have had ample funding in recent months as attention to the atrocities at the border have become more austere and publicized.

AH's mission statement reads as follows: "In a Gospel spirit of service and solidarity, we accompany the migrant, homeless, and economically vulnerable peoples of the border region through hospitality, advocacy, and education. We place ourselves among these poor so as to live our faith and transform our understanding of what constitutes more just relationships between peoples, countries, and economies."

initially i was wary of raising funds for a religious-based organization. i am not dogmatically religious and have many feels about the shortcomings of religions and the terror they have caused across history in the pursuit of their truths. that being said, faith is universal, and religion is for many a way of articulating the beliefs of what they know to be true, moral and just. the more i read about AH the more i was moved by the work they are doing, and their commitment to the people who come through their doors. their website provides a lot of explanation about their history and the varying work that they do. if you are interested in purchasing a print i ask that you research them first and feel good about supporting them. 

AH has no permanent funding sources and has never accepted state or federal funding. the work it does is sustained entirely by spontaneous and free contributions and volunteers. for this reason i chose them amongst the myriad of organizations working to alleviate the ills of our immigration policy.

this print was made as part of my series 'luna de miel', something i have been working on for several years now. the privilege of my border crossings over the years lay in drastic contrast to the realities of so many. it was especially palpable while i was there only a few days ago: driving from oaxaca to mexico city we saw many hundreds of migrants making their way north, crowded onto trailers or walking along the highway. i had been meaning to run this donation print for a while, and that was a rude reminder that i had dragged my feet for too long.

these inkjet prints are an edition of 10, with an additional 5 artist proofs. all are signed and numbered. each print in the edition of 10 is $100, and the five artist proofs are $125 each.

if you would like a print please reach out via email: danepollok@gmail.com. all money will go Annunciation House via the donation link on their site. i will ship anywhere. if you know of anyone who might be interested in supporting please direct them to this post.

i will keep this entry updated with how many prints are available. 

Edition of 10: 9 available
5 A.P.s: 5 available